Founded in 2006, Ziptron cables has pioneered the development of India’s power cable industry.

The founder, Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed has left no stone unturned towards the establishment and success of the company. For us, recurring operations is the key factor of the business, we have a range of cables for practically every single implementation. Recently, we all have observed that how this secondary product has set it’s standard to the primary position. From the very beginning, Ziptron cables has made the reputation in the market whether it’s about the quality or the concern is regarding prompt payments. For us, quality is the spirit of our business, and it has been said by the richest American who ever lived that, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”


Ziptron has made it utter because of the accomplished workers working in it. We always believe in maximising our market to the fullest by offering good quality products at fair price. Though having a clear vision, we truly believe that after sales service is the harness of our business. We focus on the innovative ideas which we can bring into action by regularly communicating to our clients.
The more we get to know about our customers, the more we get towards the alteration.

Product line offered by Ziptron :

  1. 2 pin power cords
  2. 3 pin power cords
  3. Laptop power cords
  4. Computer power cords
  5. DC cords with ferrite beads for laptop adapters
  6. Data cables for all purposes
  7. Laptop adapter lead with led light
  8.  2 pin lead with 4mm pin
  9. UK Plug without fuse
  10. UK Plug with fuse
  11. DC cord with gromet